About Us

Biggins Hunting Service Inc. is a professional operation offering a complete South Dakota pheasant hunting experience. You can expect to receive the best customer service along with facilities, accommodations, amenities and personnel that are absolutely first class.

Our Family

Biggins Hunting Service has been family owned and operated since 1982. Gregg and Be Biggins and their children Colleen, Serena, Christina, Jessy and their families are all involved in the business and live within 5 miles of the lodge. From the time you arrive until the time you depart, we make sure to care for your every need.

Meet The Biggins Families

Michael & Colleen (Biggins) Murray Family

Michael: Gregory High School Math & Science Teacher, HS Asst. Football Coach, MS Wrestling Coach. He guides part-time for Biggins Hunting Services. He Loves calling in predators in his spare time.
Colleen: Keeps all the books for Biggins Hunting Services and can be found in the lodge helping Momma Be during the hunting season. During the off-season, she is usually chasing after her boys from sport to sport and helping out with music at the school and church.
Tyler: 16 year-old sophomore at GHS. He is a part-time guide and all around helper at Biggins.
Luke: 14 year-old freshman at GHS. He is a part-time guide and all around helper at Biggins.
Trey: 11 year-old 5th-grader. He is a part-time Jr. guide and all around helper at Biggins.

Jamie & Chris (Biggins) VanderWerff Family

Jamie: Works as a lineman for the local Electric Company. He is one of our main part-time guides during the hunting season. He spends the rest of his off time scouting for deer and keeping boys away from his 4 beautiful daughters.
Christina: Works as a nurse in the out-patient wing of the hospital. She is our P.R. gal with the big smile and laugh and can be found helping most evenings in the kitchen and cleaning on the weekends.
Jayd: 17 year-old Junior at GHS Part-time Guide and all around helper at Biggins.
Brooklyn: 15 year-old Freshman at GHS. Helps in the kitchen and cleans with her mamma.
Jessy Jo: 13 year-old 6th-grader. Part-time Jr. Guide and chauffeur for the blockers.
Asia: 9 year-old 3rd-grader. He is dad's right hand 'man' and guide in training.
Dani: 7 year-old 1st-grader. Dani makes a friend wherever she goes and is our puppy whisperer.

Jessy & Katie Biggins Family

Jessy: Farms all of our hunting land and does all the ranching. He is currently operating 9,000 acres and running 350 Black Angus cattle. He keeps things organized and running with our hunting ground, guides, and dogs.
Katie: Works in administration at the local hospital. She sells our hunting licenses and signs everyone in. She can be found most evenings helping in the kitchen. She is also our wine tasting expert if you care to bring any!
David: 7 year-old kindergartner. His favorite pastime is riding his horse Scribbles and traveling to Jr. Rodeos. He is working on a firm handshake and making good eye contact.
Gracie: 5 year-old Be-Kindergartner. Gracie likes to farm with her Dad and is an animal lover.

Gregg & Be Biggins

Owner/Operators of Biggins Hunting Service Inc. They started the business out of their home in 1982. They are the heart and soul of the operation. They are involved in all the day to day operations and oversee everything that goes on with the business. They have created a legacy of serving others that includes strong family values, a hard work ethic, and great hospitality. These qualities in turn have been passed down to their children and grandchildren and are extended to all our guests here at Biggins Hunting Service Inc. Thank you for letting us serve you!

Dan & Serena (Biggins) Bakke Family

Dan: Court Services Officer for the 6th Circuit in South Dakota. He is the Biggins Hunting kitchen manager (someone has to take that certification test!) and is Momma Be's partner in crime when she needs a break (at the casino)!
Serena: Owns the Sinclair gas station in town. She is often in the kitchen helping out in the evenings. She is also our resident golf pro if any of you can make it to the course after your hunt.
Jason: Lives in Watertown, SD working as a machinist at Twin City Fans & Water Co.
Jordan: Is finishing his final year at the University of South Dakota to get his Elementary Teaching Degree.
Jon: 17 year-old Junior at GHS. Part-Time guide and all around helper at Biggins.

Gregg & Be with the Grandkids