About Your Hunt


Most of our guests arrive in the afternoon or evening. After check-in to your rooms we serve our world-class dinner. The next morning we give a safety speech complete with instructions on what to expect, South Dakota pheasant hunting details, information about safety gear, etc. We find this puts everyone on the same page, from novice hunters to experts.

Then we load everyone up into buses or vans, get the hunting dogs in dog trailers and head out to the field. When we arrive we explain how the morning hunt will work. This helps everyone stay safe. Our hunt length is on average from about 10AM to 12 or 12:30 PM. Then we bring everyone in for lunch at the lodge. Occasionally we also offer lunch in the field if it is nice outside. We have many great shade spots. Lunch is usually a filling soup and all the fixings.


After lunch we take a break. This is a vacation after all! Whenever your group is ready, usually 1-2 hours later, we go out for an afternoon of more South Dakota pheasant hunting. We make sure you have a great time out on the hunt and give plenty of time for shooting the breeze and having fun. Our regular hunts are a 3 bird limit. For these hunts we usually come back in the mid-afternoon. For our deluxe hunt (higher limit) you will come in closer to dinner time. This all depends on your group and what you want for hunting times. We take all your pheasants and our processor cleans them and vacuum packs them so you can easily take home your limit at the end of your stay.


After the afternoon hunt we give you time to freshen up and then serve Be Biggins’ amazing appetizers and a full-course gourmet supper. We often light up the fire pit in the evenings and have bean bags, horseshoe pits, big screen TVs, wireless internet, a infrared sauna and a pool and foosball table for you to enjoy.

If you want something more from your evening, the nearby town of Dallas, South Dakota has quite the active nightlife. There are also several great bars in nearby Gregory, South Dakota.