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Biggins Hunting Service Inc. is a professional operation offering a complete service.  You can expect to receive the best customer service along with facilities, accommodations, amenities and personnel that are absolutely first class. 

From the time you arrive until the time you depart, we make sure to care for your every need. 
One of our most valuable assets is:
location - location - location!
My land that we hunt is all around the Gregory area, which is without a doubt....
We are located in the heart of the best wild bird hunting in South Dakota.  The combination of location and our farm practices -- leaving crops in the field for wild game feed, avoiding use of chemicals, planting trees, leaving plenty of grass nesting areas and putting in watering holes -- is paying off big. 

These acres make for excellent nesting; and with wild birds producing 10-12 chicks per pheasant hen, we do everything possible to help them reach maturity.  We want you to come to our place and see hundreds of wild pheasants instead of listening to us brag about how many raised birds we turned loose.
Hunting Field. Longhorns. Windmill. Milo. Lake.

I have many different farm locations and types of crops, so that no matter the weather, we always have the right area and cover to get your limit of birds.  It is not necessary for me to guarantee your limit because at Biggins Hunting Service, you will get your limit.



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If you are a company that entertains clients, Take workers on an upbeat outing as a reward for good services, Or if you have a yearly convention for the company, we would be glad to take care of it for you. We have different companies hold their annual meeting with us.
Mixing business with pleasure gives your executives the opportunity to really unwind.